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Piranha Plant Sculpture and Baby

2009-10-08 16:22:32 by Kalapusa

Hello again Newgrounds! It had been a while since the last time I used Flash but I decided to revisit it to create a making-of video of my realistic Piranha Plant sculpture for youtube. The video proved to be quite popular (133,336 views in a little over two weeks and five stars) so I brought it back to its native format (with less of a loss in image quality in key parts). If you have seen the youtube video, the Flash version here (
) has two shots of my teething baby Piranha Plant as well, together with mama before it got it's own pot.

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The Piranha Plant will be for sale on eBay soon, as will its baby version and a baby Audrey II. Stay tuned or contact me at for info.

It was fun to sculpt this as I pulled off a few successful experiments to get the inside of the mouth to look just gummy enough. Took me a while to finish it, particularly because of the design choice I made for the mouth structure, but it paid off in the end. I wanted the plant to look as if it really existed and the Mario version was a simplified cartoon version based off of it.

Please send all inquiries concerning this original piece to
I'm currently accepting commissions in various mediums.

For more photos and other pieces, visit: tos/22648291@N03/sets/
http://kalapusa.deviantar alapusa

Piranha Plant Sculpture and Baby


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2009-10-08 18:09:27

Must have Baby Piranha Plant. It could go in my dorm room.


2009-10-08 19:04:13

.....LOVE THIS PIECE OF ART!......but wtf is an evil carrot doing in the picture


2009-10-08 20:10:46

Wow, those are both really great pieces! How much would they cost? And have you made any others?

Kalapusa responds:

Thanks! I have a series of plants. It's been my thing for the last two years.


2009-10-09 07:48:06

You know, this would instantly be featured on the Art Portal if you decided to sumbit the pic - perfectly acceptable photography is that of sculptures which yours quite clearly is, especially with the Flash Video to back it up!

Submit it now, you know you want to!

Kalapusa responds:

Thanks! On it...


2009-10-09 12:01:52



2009-10-09 14:09:18

nice work. i like the baby one. Lookin forward to more of your pieces


2009-10-09 14:51:45

you should sell those plants i would pay tons....if i had 200 $


2009-10-09 15:14:28

you should put some hi res shorts in the art portal these are amazing.


2009-10-09 18:12:43

cool rhbtgvdkev


2009-10-09 21:31:23

wow. you do commissions? how much would you charge to make another baby piranha plant sculpture?

Kalapusa responds:

Yes, I do commissions, actually making an Audrey II right now but I can make another Baby Piranha Plant. Contact me at for pricing.


2009-10-10 13:18:17

you did an amazing job. good work, man!


2009-10-10 15:23:15

wow this stuff is incredible! You can bet I'll check out the eBay auction!


2009-10-10 21:33:28

pretty awsome plant


2009-10-11 05:24:04

Wow... I think you'd make a fortune on ebay if you'd sell more of these.

Hopefully Nintendo won't make you pay for copyright ^__^.


2009-10-11 11:12:48



2009-10-13 19:03:00

IMHO The video gave me a better impression of the quality of the sculpt.


2009-10-16 18:01:30

Epic I love it and nice mini fingers and scheming lil carrot there lol.


2009-10-20 15:51:25

has you awesome piranha plant been sold yet?


2009-10-20 16:23:57

dude u should totolly make more of these video game madel things :D


2009-10-20 18:30:22

ill buy for 1000


2009-11-02 15:22:00

Damn, I love your sculptures so much. I would definitely love to get a commission once I think of something awesome. How much would a sculpture as big as the piranha plant cost me?

Kalapusa responds:

Depends on the subject, but this one was sold at $1,400. PM me if you think of something.


2009-11-08 07:08:01

Quanto tempo demorou para fazer isso?


2010-03-20 07:45:10

You are not an Artist...
You are a God...


2010-09-26 10:10:38

oh my god that is just amazing!!


2010-09-29 11:59:59

Love the work. It may be worth putting this up in an art gallery. I know of many people who do well for themselves that way. There is one guy who actually does abstract paintings of sponge bob and he is quite popular. He also seems to sell his paintings for a lot. Over 100,000 a piece. I would guess that these could expect about the same for the right buyer and if they were all pretty rare. :D


2010-09-29 16:53:49

Do you use regular clay for this or some kind of special clay? :o


2010-11-27 07:17:00

plan on submitting more 8-bit labs videos?


2011-04-25 11:21:08

very nice, this looks absolutly brilliant.